A Baby and Her First Time Flying A Kite.


Olivia had so much fun the last time we took her on the train, that every single time we pass one now she is always asking, “Mama, can we go on the choo choo train please?” Finally, we took her again. Last time we went, we didn’t really have a plan, we were more interested in whether or not she was even gonna like the train. This time, we wanted to take her on the train AND show her how to fly a kite. This time we also invited my dad and sister to come along.

When we got off the train in downtown Hinsdale, Olivia said, “Bye bye, choo choo train! I love you! Have a good day!” Cutest thing ever. Anyway, the first thing we did was walk to get some food. We took them to the little diner that we went to last time and then made a pit stop at Starbucks for obvious caffeine induced reasons and then finally, we were on our way to the park, which was basically just a huge field (that we later found out was the back of a school!).

While Dominic put the kite together, we were busy trying to teach Olivia how to roll down the hill. Keyword trying because she didn’t actually ever do it. I think she freaked out a little bit. It was great to see my sister rolling down the hill though! haha

Flying a kite was a little more complex than we had imagined, it was kind of funny. Dominic tried over and over again to keep it up but the wind just was not strong enough. The few times that he did manage to keep it flying, he would hand it to Olivia and tell her to run toward me and she was seriously so amazed and it was awesome. What was not awesome, however, was when we would take it away from her, just to try to get it higher(!), she would cry and yell really loud, “I WANNA FLY THE KITE!!! DADA! I WANNA FLY THE KITE PLEASE!!!!” Poor girl just let her excitement get in the way of understanding that he was only just trying to help her.

There wasn’t too much sun. Had there been, it would’ve been a lot warmer, and once the sun stopped showing it’s face for good, we had to put a little bit heavier jacket on her. And then a few minutes later a mess of kids started coming out of the building next to the park, which was also when we realized that the building was a school. Olivia was SO happy to see all of the kids. She kept saying, “Yook, guys! Yook!! Hi everybody!!!” She really loves all people. We let her walk across the field, but when Dominic went to get her because she was going too far, she cried a little and said, “I wanna go to school, Dada.” A few more years, kid.

We started to make our way back toward the train, made a few stops at some of the shops along the way and then at 3:55, we boarded the train back to La Grange. Olivia was so tired, she started to slowly drift off on the train…and when we got in the car, she instantly passed out.

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Easter 2014.


We got EXTREMELY lucky with the weather for Easter Weekend. Two weeks ago it wasn’t supposed to get over 50 and it ended up being almost 80! It was so nice.

Saturday night, Dominic and I put Olivia’s Easter basket together. I was so proud of myself for actually getting the goodies for her basket weeks ago, as opposed to waiting until the last minute (which is what I almost always do!). This year we filled her basket with an Easter plate, a cute cup with a crazy straw, 3 pairs of panties, watercolor paints, mini wooden colored pencils (I thought of keeping them for myself because they’re so cute!), a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Easter book, chalk in the shape of carrots, some M&MS, and a stuffed bunny! We also left a trail of mini chocolate eggs that started at the top of the steps all the way to her basket.

When she woke up in the morning, she came by my side and said, “Mama, Easter Bunny give me surprises and presents?” I ran downstairs so I could take pictures and she slowly came down the stairs because she had to make sure she ate every chocolate egg on the stairs…….we’re clearly going for parents of the year by giving our child a bunch of chocolate for breakfast. Anyway, as soon as she saw that there was a basket waiting for her, she picked up the pace a little and kinda forgot all about the chocolate eggs.

After I took pictures, I literally laid my head on the couch for a second and woke up and hour later….no clue how that even happened but no one woke me up which was an Easter miracle all in itself.

We got dressed and were on the road by noon. We realllllllllllly thought Olivia would take a nap but nope!

Our first stop was to Dominic’s uncles’s house to celebrate Easter with his side of the family. We ate, they gave Olivia an Easter basket and then they had another Easter egg hunt! There was a $5 bill in one of them and Olivia was lucky enough to get it! :P

Our second stop was to my Grandparent’s house. We’re really lucky that we don’t have to choose which to go by first when it comes to our families. Dominic’s family always celebrates early where my family celebrates later in the evening. When we got there, we ate dinner and then Olivia opened all of her gifts. This girl is beyond spoiled. She got so many cute little things. Of course her favorite was from my grandparent’s– a lawnmower bubble machine. Olivia is allllllllllll about bubbles lately so pretty much every basket had bubbles of some sort.

After we left, we again were so not ready to go home. In fact I think that I speak for all of us when I say that we didn’t want the weekend to end at all. It was so perfect, and beautiful. So we changed Olivia out of her Easter dress and headed for the park by our house.


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Annual Easter Egg Hunt!


I decided to split our weekend into parts because I always take wayy too many pictures so I thought maybe if I put it into two posts…maybe it wouldn’t be too bad? I’ll just keep telling myself that.

Saturday morning, Dominic and I put together a little Easter Egg hunt for Olivia. Since we live in a townhome community, our backyard is super small, so we didn’t have too many places to put them. But as always, that didn’t stop us. Last year we just laid them in plain sight, on the grass, this year we upped the ante just a little. We hid them in pretty obvious places, but we hid them nonetheless. She was having such a good time putting all of the eggs in her basket until she realized that there were money in some of them…..and a few M&Ms in some of them as well. After that, it took her about five times longer to hunt down the rest of the eggs because she had to carefully open each of them before she put it in her basket.

After we were finished, we brought her inside to wash up, put her money in her little piggy bank, and then we went to lunch with my dad and sister, followed by a quick trip to Target. Is any weekend really complete without a trip to Target? I don’t think so.

It was seriously such a beautiful day (actually the whole weekend we were in the super high 70s!) and we couldn’t bring ourselves to come home. Instead, we went to a different town and took Olivia to a new park. It was nice because there wasn’t anyone else there, so we got to run around the park and slide down the slides with her :)

We ended the beautiful day with a nice, long walk.

And if you couldn’t guess, after a warm bath, Olivia went right to sleep.


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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Olivia: This photo is pretty over exposed, but I love it so much. You loved being in this dress. When I put it on, you couldn’t wait to show your dada and you kept saying “I’m a princess! I’m a princess!” and you cried when we took it off of you for the night. Happy 3rd Easter, Princess. 

Coloring Easter Eggs!


We got up early this morning and colored Easter Eggs! We’ve been talking it up all week to get Olivia pumped for it and she had a blast. When I was little, coloring eggs was one of my favorite parts of Easter (aside from all of the candy, obviously) so it was really cool to see my daughter get just as excited as I remember getting.

The brand of egg dying supplies that we bought was kind of cheap! I was disappointed because that was always the brand that we used when I was younger but in my opinion, the colors could’ve been brighter. The pink was basically still white! Next year, I think I’ll try to make our dye naturally from vegetables. It was all over Pinterest and I didn’t really see the point when you could just buy a whole kit, but after this, I’m interested to see if it really works!


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