Yesterday afternoon, I received a bouquet of flowers in the mail from Bouqs. When they contacted me to work with them, I was super excited because Bouqs is a great company and their bouquets are seriously so beautiful.

If you’ve never heard of Bouqs, allow me to tell you a little bit about them. Bouqs is pretty much putting all of their competitors to shame. They grow and pick their flowers from one of two places: an active volcano (so cool!) in South America or from the sunny surf of California. They get to work on picking your flowers the minute you place your order and have them delivered within a week.

photo (14)

I love Bouqs for a few reasons. One, they’re affordable. There are no hidden fees, which is my favorite. It’s 40/50/70 dollars flat, depending on the size! Two, they’re eco-friendly! They only pick what they sell, instead of over-picking and wasting beautiful flowers. Three, it is so easy to order from them. Seriously, three steps and you’re done. And four, they seem like a really awesome company to work for. Bouqs provides living wages, childcare, health care and adult education to their workers– how great is that?

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The bouquet that I picked is called Peace and it was even more beautiful in person. They came in a heavy duty box and wrapped really good so that nothing happened to them before they got to me. I really loved that Bouqs were separated into two bouquets. I kept one for myself and I put the other one on Olivia’s easel and she loves it!

I already can’t wait to order from them again. Actually, I’ve already seen Dominic eyeing the website ;)





The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers

Fall Bucket List #1: Go On A Nature Walk!


This past weekend we made our (what seems like) bi-monthly trip to Mchenry. We haven’t seen them since the beginning of August and we were missing them, as much as they were missing us.

When I was making plans with my Aunt, she suggested that we go for a nice long walk in the early afternoon, not only was it free but she said it was beautiful and I trust her judgement one hundred percent!

I really love it there for the same reasons I really love going to Galena with my in-laws: the whole small, quaint town, with lots and lots of green is really my jam. Whenever Dominic and I look at houses on Zillow (seriously one of my favorite things to do), we always check for two things: One, can I make it look like my House board on Pinterest?  And two, are there enough trees? Does it look like a forest in the backyard?  Since we always manage to look outside of Illinois when we’re dream-home searching, Portland has pretty much stolen our hearts. Kind of has everything we want! But, that’s another story for another day. Anyway, Mchenry has a lot of green. The state park that my aunt suggested we go on our nature walk definitely had a lot of green. The minute we pulled in, I was already in heaven.

Since getting my iPhone, I haven’t taken my big girl camera out much. It makes me so sad but with a sweet little tornado toddler, an iPhone is just a lot more convenient. I’ve been trying to make it a point to get it out a little more, so this nature walk was the perfect excuse to do so.

We walked a total of three miles, to and from the car. I could’ve gone a lot longer had I remembered to bring snacks, but I didn’t, and we were all pretty much starving. We brought our stroller with so that Olivia could rest in it when she wanted but our girl was a trooper. She walked the whole way, up and down huge hills and just kept going. I love how interested and excited she was to go on this walk, and I love how eager she was to look for special treasures to but inside her little nature bag, to bring home with her.

Dominic and I really enjoy showing Olivia how important it is to spend time outside, enjoying nature. My Aunt also gets that so every time we go up there she always finds us something fun to do, that doesn’t involve electronics. I hope Olivia always remembers that spending time in front of the TV/iPad (or whatever electronic devices they have in 10 years), is nowhere near as important as spending time with good old mother nature ;)

IMG_2248e IMG_2251e
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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Olivia: Remember that bedtime routine I talked about? Well, it also includes you sneaking into our bed at 4am pretty much every single morning. Don’t worry, we’re not mad. We secretly love it. Most nights anyway…..mainly when you’re not kicking us in the gut….or slowly pushing us off the bed… Anyway, your dad came home from work and I just got done telling him that you didn’t take a nap that day. He laughed and said, “oh, she didn’t nap today? Maybe she’ll stay in her bed all night tonight.” I shot back, “you know you just jinxed us, right?” We giggled, turned on our security alarm and went upstairs. And there you were. Three hours ahead of schedule. You didn’t even need us to snuggle you back to sleep, the comfort of our bed was enough for you. Instead of moving you, we both took turns kissing your soft little cheeks because we both know that this phase isn’t going to last forever, so we’re soaking it up as much as we possibly can.

Playing Catch Up


As you can tell, dear readers, sometimes I am totally on top of this blog. Sometimes I can sit down, play my favorite Pandora stations (this week it’s totally the Young the Giant station), write some posts, and schedule them accordingly.

Sometimes, however, I cannot. Last week was pretty much a “cannot” kind of week. And that is mainly because I am just plain old exhausted. Dominic started a new job working some seriously crazy hours, Olivia has been sleeping some seriously crazy hours, and I pretty much sleep when I today, for instance, I’m probably going to go nap as soon as I finish this post because Olivia was up more than she slept last night and I seem to be the only one paying for it.

I’m not complaining, I hope it doesn’t come off that way. We are truly in a really wonderful (and busy) season of life, and my favorite season is upon us as well, but like my horoscope says today: “It’s not that you are having a rough time; it’s just that everything seems overly intense these days.” And that, my friends, couldn’t be more true. On the days where I know I should probably sit down and write, I find myself watching something on Netflix (I just finally caught up with New Girl….can that show be anymore amazing?!), or being in the moment with my family, or sitting outside on my balcony at night, enjoying the beautiful fall breeze.

Today, I am playing catch up and then as soon as our internet is back up (in the middle of an internet switch, definitely writing this from my iPad.), I’ll be able to blog about a few things including our trip to Disney on Ice (I know, didn’t we go that show like two weeks ago?)

Here we goooooooooooo:

Dominic got a new job at a different restaurant. Because he’s training, he doesn’t get to pick his schedule and because he’s training, his hours are pretty cray cray. I expected this, but it sure doesn’t mean that we don’t miss our guy around here.

And also, while we’re on the subject of our main Man, he also completed his real estate training, and is a certified Real Estate Agent! So if you’re in the Chicago/West Suburbs, and you’re looking to buy, he is your guy! This is his Facebook page (Like it and share with your friends, please!) and who knows, you may even get to run into Olivia and me from time to time because we love looking at beautiful houses ;)

Dominic and I are starting the WHOLE 30 on Wednesday. I have to admit, I am pretty pumped about it. I lasted two weeks without a lot of the stuff that you can’t have on the Whole30, what’s another two weeks? Cannot wait to report back! Also: if you have any advice, recipe suggestions, favorite whole30 IG accounts, I’d really appreciate it!

We’ve started planning for Olivia’s third birthday. This is absolutely crazy to me. Why does time fly once you have kids?! I just don’t understand! This year, we’re keeping it super simple with a Sunday brunch but as long as there’s cake and presents, I don’t think our girl is going to mind one bit.

Speaking of my little parrot of a daughter, she is on quite the roll lately. She talks SO MUCH and reminds me pretty much every single day that she analyzes and remembers basically everything I say now. The other day she said, “are you freaking kidding me?!” I will say that I am glad that it was the word “freaking”, and like any other A+ parent, I had to document it for bad days and now you all get to see it, too. You’re welcome.

My 24th birthday is this Thursday… am I already that old? No major plans because I’ll be on the whole30, but that’s okay! I got to celebrate my birthday this past weekend, and had a fantastic time :)

A few posts around the web that I am loving:

This is what a good mom looks like.

This song has been stuck in my head all week!

I reaaallly want to make this drink (after whole30, of course)

So hilarious!

I ordered the cutest little fall jacket for Olivia the other day!

I really want to try this frank body scrub, I love body scrubs!

Have a good week!




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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Olivia: You have been quite the photographer, lately. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I have an entire folder of pictures that you’ve already taken that your dad and I both love so much. This was us taking our daily walk around the neighborhood when suddenly you stopped and said, “Mama, can I take a picture of the ‘yeaves’?”

Only if I can take a picture of you taking a picture of the leaves, my sweet girl.

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