Five Things.


Yesterday was a really really ROUGH day. This morning I was determined to change my mindset and have a great day and so far, it has been! We all woke up bright and early (thanks to Olivia, of course ;), Dominic got some great news and tonight I have plans to hang out with my girlfriends. Here are five more things that made me happy this week!

1. This ice cream.

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Seriously the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

2. Snow!

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Dare I say, I think that’s the last of it.

3. We had a play date this week!


Yay for new girlfriends!

4. Fresh flowers.

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Trader Joe’s has been killing it lately.

5. This picture of my little Ballerina.

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Next week she doesn’t have class because of Spring break and she was so upset when we first told her :(

Happy Friday!



P.S. The Gap is having a flash sale until midnight tonight. 35% off your online order with the code FLASH a few of the pieces I used in yesterday’s post are from the Gap!!

Dreaming of Warm Weather.


Although our weather has been so up and down the past few weeks (last Monday it was 71, this monday it was 30 and SNOWING! and today it’s only 35!), I still find myself hopeful that we’ll have a consistent amount of nice weather soon. I’ve already been slowly gathering dresses for Olivia’s closet through the last month or so, I decided to put together a fun little list of a few more favorite pieces that I hope to add soon!





Apparently I’m super into shades of blue, white and brown….with a hint of pink ;)

I only did one for little girls (for obvious reasons), but if you’re interested, I can do a list of inspiration for little boys closets. Just let me know!

Happy Wednesday!



Five Things.


Happy Friday!

The week started off so beautiful- it was 71 on Monday! 71! But then unfortunately because of this dang hot and cold weather, Olivia got such a bad cold on Wednesday night so the past few nights we’ve snuggled, drank lots of warm drinks and watched a lot of Netflix. We had to cancel a play date for yesterday and Olivia was so upset about it but I’m hoping that by tomorrow, she’s as good as new! I also hope that no one else in the house catches it.

Also as you can see, I’m getting into a better groove around here again. I caught up on the 52 project series I participate in every Sunday and I also backdated our little getaway but you can click here to see the post and not have to go searching through to find it.

Dominic and I are finally getting into a routine and it’s not as crazy as it was at the beginning of the year. As much as I love busy, I’m also really loving this whole slowing down thing.

Here are five things that made me happy this week!

1. I received an email on Tuesday from VSCO Grid that one of my pictures would be featured on their official Grid site and I am seriously SO honored.

FullSizeRender (3)

A selection of the finest images online. Someone pinch me.

2. Morning/Evening sky on Monday.

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3. BALLET! Obvi.

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4. A latte on the front steps!


5. Easter Crafts!


And before I end this: Hi, Spring! We’ve been waiting patiently for you!

Have a good weekend :)


A Baby and Her First Ballet Class.


Guys, remember the series I started when I first had my blog called A Baby And….?! Well. I kinda stopped that because it was mainly to document the first time she did certain things and at three years old, there unfortunately aren’t many more firsts for us.

Sad face.

That is until she started Ballet class on Tuesday. Ballet Class! I’ve been waiting for this moment since forever and it finally came and you bet your ass I took a million and one photos.

The minute I helped her get dressed I wanted to die. It was everything I imagined and more, she looked so perfect.

She is obsessed with class already. When we got there, we were able to be in the room with her for a whole five minutes before the teacher (her first teacher! what!!!) kicked us out. It was sad, Dominic and I were sad, but Olivia didn’t even notice we were gone! She had such a good time.

The park district offers a six week class. One day a week for a half hour and it was super cheap, too. Their thought process is that they want to see which kids are really into dance and then we have a choice to put them in a longer class, right around when Fall starts. I think it’s safe to say that Olivia will definitely want in on that.

They danced to a few Little Mermaid songs (we didn’t get to see them, but we definitely heard them. Which was torture!), ended the class with Let It Go, obviously, and then the teacher sent all twelve girls on their merry way, back to their mamas (and in Olivia’s case, dad, too).

Continue on for even more PINK!

On Luck, Appreciation, and the Proud Dad of a Ballerina.


You know, I’ve been dreaming of Olivia’s first ballet class since I heard the words, “It’s a girl!” I dreamed of her in a little outfit and little ballet shoes….I couldn’t wait to see her spin and jump around and come home to show me the moves she learned in class. The thought of seeing her in a high bun and little tutu, laughing with the other girls. It’s something that made my heart sing. I loved the thought of all of that and I couldn’t wait for the day that it was finally a reality.

Had our girl loved sports or really anything else, I wouldn’t have even thought of a ballet class. I would’ve signed her up for whatever she’s interested in most, but she loves to dance, my girl is a little dancer. So, Last Thursday, we finally signed her up for a class. I was so excited for Olivia. All weekend Dominic and I went store to store, searching for the perfect outfit and the perfect tights and the perfect shoes…. Every time we made a new purchase, this excitement just came over me and I couldn’t hide it. I knew Olivia was going to love the class and I seriously was just so excited for her. She’s never done anything like this, and I knew she was going to be so happy.

Dominic didn’t exactly share my same sentiments. Don’t get me wrong, he was excited and loved buying her shoes and seeing her in her outfit, but I just felt like maybe he wasn’t as excited as I was. To be fair, I was probably a little more excited than I even should have been but I digress.

When Tuesday finally rolled around, every hour Olivia eagerly and excitedly asked us, “Is it time to go to the ballet yet?! Can we go now?!” And finally, at 3:30pm, it was time.

I’ve known my husband for a long time, I know what he likes, what he dislikes. In fact, I like to think I know him better than I know myself. I like to think I know him better than he knows himself. But yesterday, I saw a side of him I had never seen before.

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