What Olivia Wore.


Since Olivia has been born, I’ve kinda prided myself on how fantastic her wardrobe is. Seriously, most days (especially lately) I find myself telling my husband, “I reallly wish that came in my size.” 

I’m pretty much jealous of a 2 1/2 year old’s wardrobe…the first step is admitting it, right? ;)

Until now, I have never really thought to document her outfits, but lately people have been asking a lot of “where did you get that ____?” So I decided it would just be easier to write it down in a post, and link some of the stuff, if I can find it!

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Summer Bucket List #5: Go To The Carnival!


A few weeks ago, there was an “End of the Summer Fest” right down the street from our house, so of course we had to go check it out!

Despite the fact that it was insanely over-priced, per usual, Olivia had a blast. And even more than that, she actually went on the Carousel! We asked her if she wanted to go on, full on expecting a “no, thank you, Mama.” and got a “Yeah!!!!” instead. I swear I’ve never seen my father in law move so fast to go get tickets before she got scared and changed her mind!

The fest was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. There was live music, food, sweets (read: Funnel Cake ;), games, rides….it wasn’t too hot either so it was a nice night to be there!

I like to go to fests for the food, I’m not much of a rider. I get sick too easily! Anyone else the same way? My husband hates it because he always wants to go on these crazy rides.

Maybe once Olivia gets a little older, she’ll be like him and want to go on all the crazy, way-too-dangerous looking rides, too.

IMG_0934edit^First game, her favorite game. Although we really got ripped off this time….three bucks for ONE duck! #whatthe ^IMG_0937edit
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Weekend Review.


This weekend was for visiting my family in McHenry…. Again! We love it there so we can’t really help ourselves!

There was a festival going on so we drove up there really early, played by the water (per usual), met their cute new puppy, and then went to the fair! It was severely overcrowded so the actual fest itself wasn’t that great but there was a firework show that night and wow! It was seriously the most amazing firework show I’ve ever seen. So beautiful!

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Summer Bucket List #4: Go to the Drive-In!


Continuing on with our Summer Bucket List, we finally made it to the drive-in!

We wanted to go at the beginning of last week, but they weren’t playing anything that was appropriate for Olivia. Checked again this past Friday and we saw that Planes was showing so we packed up our good ol dodge and off we went!

When Dominic and I lived in AZ, we went to the drive-in once. It was huge! I’m talking like six screens huge. I don’t remember if it was Dominic’s first time, but it definitely wasn’t mine. My mom used to take me and my friends all the time when we were younger. I love the drive in. I love that it’s still something that’s around decades later, and that it (at least seems like) it hasn’t changed a bit. I love that there’s a little hut in the middle that sells concession goodies. I love the big speakers that let you hear the movie. I love that you get to watch said movie in the comfort of your own car if you choose, or outside on a beautiful night. And I love that we got to introduce the beauty of it all to our daughter.

At first she didn’t really understand it all. In fact, I think the only thing she did understand for a while was that she got to eat some M&Ms and popcorn in her little chair. She was obviously loving life. Once the movie came on, she still didn’t understand it. We think that maybe it was because she couldn’t see it too well? Or hear it too well? I don’t know. What I do know is that she loves movies, but this one she didn’t really want to sit still for. So maybe it was just the fact that it was a new experience, it was outside, and she just wanted to run around? About halfway through, she finally sat in our laps and watched it though. What she actually saw, she seemed to enjoy!

Also, it was seriously the perfect night for the drive in. I think it was like 72 with the perfect amount of wind!


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Weekend Review


Weekends are for a 5k that’s called a “graffiti run”, fireworks at Navy Pier, and the splash pad.

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