A Day in the Life.


I love my life. It’s a bit repetitive mainly because we’re stuck inside a lot due to weather, but I love it. Olivia and I are together all day every day and although it’s definitely not sunshine and roses all day every day, I still wouldn’t change a thing.

I always love reading how other moms go about their every day so I figured I’d give it a try. Yesterday I documented a regular old Tuesday and since Olivia is such a ham, she went along with all of the picture taking quite nicely. I had a lot of fun, too! Here’s what a glimpse into our daily life looks like:


The time differs on when we wake up around here. Dominic and I like to wake up earlier than Olivia to have a little time to ourselves before she wakes up but because he’s been working such crazy hours, we’ve all been sleeping in a bit. Olivia always starts in her room but ends up in our bed around 3AM so every morning we’re always woken up to “Good morning! How did you sleep?!” It’s the sweetest.


IMG_6478e IMG_6483e

We finally come downstairs and get started on breakfast. Her request is always different: Pancakes, cinnamon toast, cereal…this time it’s cereal. And if she chooses cereal, it’s always going to be apple jacks. Don’t worry, I know these are fruit loops but Olivia is in denial and thinks they’re “colored apple jacks”. I pick my battles, obviously. Usually I sit down with her and have breakfast too, but this time I’m making Dominic’s lunch while she eats.

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Five Things.


Happy Friday! This week has been such a good one. We’re finally getting into a bit of a routine with Dominic’s new busy schedule and even though it’s been super cold around these parts, it just means that we’ve had an excuse to stay home and cuddle under our blankets on the couch ;)

During nap time I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (again!). I’ve been able to squeeze in almost three episodes every day which has been nice, I forgot how amazing that show was right from the start. Anyway, here are five other things that have made me happy this week!

1. My new eucalyptus plant.

2. Double date night at Green Street Smoked Meats.


3. FRENCH TOAST CRUNCH, YA’LL! This used to be one of my favorites and it’s back! Not as good as I remember, of course, but still back nonetheless :P


4. Play dates with friends.


5. I bought a Groupon for Core Power Yoga and I started going this week. As much as I love doing yoga in the comfort of my own home, I’m really loving going to a studio again!

Have a good weekend!


Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day 2015.


Happy Tuesday!

Even though I have a few other posts that need to be finished, I thought I should share a few shots from our Valentine’s Day first. It’s all about priorities, people.

Dominic has been working super cray cray hours these past few weeks (he’s opening a new restaurant location for the company he works for) and we haven’t been able to spend much time with him. In fact, we didn’t even know if we’d get to see him on Valentine’s Day. Turns out we were able to spend the entire morning with him and Olivia and I were obviously in heaven ;)

Both Dominic and Olivia woke up to little Valentine surprises. Dominic had two love letters waiting for him and Olivia had a little tote filled with a few little things including a new sticker book, crayons, chocolates and a new plate and bowl in honor of the romantic holiday.

Once we were all awake and ready to get out of bed, we headed downstairs and I started to make breakfast. Dominic went on a coffee run while I made the heart shaped pancakes. Before he walked out the door, Olivia said, “Dada! Please don’t forget to get coffee for my bunny!” When he came back, he had surprises for each of us: tulips, chocolates and of course the coffee. Which, let’s be real, would’ve been good enough all on it’s own. Oh and Olivia was over the moon because he actually remembered to bring back coffee for her and her bunny.

I put out a giant spread of breakfast and sweets and we lounged around the table for what felt like forever and it was so nice. I can’t even remember the last time we did that because it’s just been so busy around these parts.

The rest of the day we kinda of just lounged around until Dominic had to go to work, which was sad because we were having such a nice morning/afternoon.

As much as I would’ve loved to have my husband home all day on Valentine’s Day, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super excited for the evening without him. A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to have a Galentine’s Day party and it was so fun.

We ordered pizza, bought snacks and wine, set the table really cute and it was seriously such a nice night that I really hope the tradition sticks. Since it was so last minute, only a few of us were able to get together but we’re hoping next year all six of us will be able to get together :)

IMG_6390e IMG_6391e
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Mom Time Out/01: The Spa Shower.


I really hate showering. It’s become one of those things that feels more like a chore than a luxury. By the end of the day, I am so tired that I’d rather just hop into bed and on the days that I try to jump in the shower before I hit that level of exhaustion, Olivia is usually awake which means she’s probably in there with me… Staring at my body, knocking over everything in the bathroom, crying over something that I can’t control at the moment because, I don’t know, I’m soaking wet?

Anyway, the fact of the matter is, I still shower. Every single night because I am a freak and literally cannot lay under my blankets unless I’m clean. It’s true, I don’t even let Dominic lay in our bed until he’s showered as well.

So in an attempt to shower as fast as humanly possible, I wash my hair two or three times a week (I don’t just do this because I’m lazy, I’ve actually never been one to wash my hair every day.) and the rest of the nights I wash my body, wash my face and then I’m out in about 7 minutes flat.

But then there’s one day a week that I actually look forward to shower time. Nice, sweet, 30-minute shower time. I call it my Spa Shower and it’s a great set up to my week ahead.

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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Olivia: I know this isn’t the most artistic shot but it is definitely one worth documenting. I have no idea where you learned this pose, but it’s been your signature lately. It is so hilarious. You are such a ham and your dad and I love it so much.

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