Olivia and I decided to start a new Sunday afternoon tradition:

Watercolors and Coffee.

Olivia loves to paint, so I use it to my advantage and space out how often I actually let her do so. If I am certain that something is going to buy me any large length of time to get things done while she’s occupied with something else other than Netflix, you better believe I don’t pull that card out often. On Sunday, I had a huge pile of dishes in the sink, the floor needed to be swept badly, and I really wanted to clean our stove top.

Perfect time to pull out the “Olivia! Let’s paint!” Card.

Except I didn’t do the dishes, the floor, or even the stovetop. Instead, I turned on some music, made us some coffee, and sat across from my favorite girl while we both painted. I have been dying to open the watercolors that we got her for Easter!

Lately it seems we don’t get as much to spend just the two of us. My dad’s been around a lot lately, which I totally don’t mind, but he wasn’t here yesterday so I wanted to take advantage of the one on one time, just me and my daughter.

We painted for a really long time. We stopped for short dance breaks (today our soundtrack was The Naked and Famous Pandora Station), drank our coffee (she gets “chocolate coffee” aka chocolate almond milk or sometimes hot chocolate.), and had little conversations. We practiced our ABC’s (even though she is an absolute PRO), drew pictures of her favorite foods and I learned that her favorite color at the moment is Purple.

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What We Eat: Banana (and maybe a few chocolate chips) Muffins.


Happy Friday! This week has been so good. It’s seriously been in the 60s for three days straight and I’ve gotten to sleep with my windows open because of it. Seriously, one of the best things in life is listening to the wind when you’re laying in bed, about to fall asleep. I’m just really upset because it’s supposed to be hot again this weekend because, oh yeah, that’s right…it’s still summer. What a tease! At least we got a few good weather days in between the heat!

Anyway, today I have a really delicious recipe for you all to make this weekend! Last week, out of the blue I asked Olivia if she wanted to make some muffins. “Of course, Mama! I wan make muffies!” And “muffies” we made.

A while ago, I had googled “Toddler Muffins” because I wanted to be able to sneak bananas (and other things that she wouldn’t eat at the time….like carrots or sweet potatoes) into something that I knew she’d eat. Now she loves bananas and carrots (still a no go on the sweet potatoes), but I still like to make these because they’re good, easy, and portable. This is the first time Olivia actually helped me make them, and we had a blast.


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Summer Bucket List #2: Have A Bonfire!


On our recent trip to McHenry, we were able to cross off a second thing on our Summer Bucket List— Have A Bonfire! We are definitely not strangers to a good bonfire, and speaking of good bonfires, a good one always includes one key factor.


S’mores and a bonfire go together like PB&J, wouldn’t you agree?


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New Additions.


Happy Monday!

Last week we went grocery shopping, and Olivia knows that they also sell fish there. She asked if we could go see the “fishies” and told us exactly which ways to turn to get there. This pretty much happens every time we go grocery shopping. Except on this particular trip…..


The fishies actually came home with us.
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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Olivia: Your first pet(s).

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