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The past few days, we’ve been lucky enough to have some seriously beautiful weather. Naturally, we spent 95% of said beautiful days outside and it has been glorious. A few days spent outside with the breeze blowing in your hair….I think it was very much needed for everyone, not just the three of us.

Sunday we spent all day up North with my family, and on Monday and Tuesday, we went for bike rides, spent some time in Downtown Naperville at the riverwalk, we got some iced tea….just spent time together, outdoors.

It was like a secret little call from Fall saying, “I’m just around the corner, don’t you worry.”

Did I just say that? Yes I did. I just can’t help myself. My love for Fall knows no bounds.

Onward with the photo dump before this gets any more awkward.


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What We Eat: Watermelon Popsicles


For the past few weeks, Olivia has been putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. Especially her fingers. We suspected teething, and when we went to the dentist for her last week, it was confirmed. Our girl is getting four more teeth. The dentist’s exact words were:

“Oh yeah, she’s definitely teething. She’ll be pretty cranky and irritable, may have an ear infection of two, will probably have food aversions and may get a few fevers…..until about December.”


You guys….Teething sucks. We’ve been trying everything we can to keep our girl comfortable but the whole “cranky, irritable” crack has slowly been killing us. We’re trying really hard to keep in mind how awful it must feel for your teeth to come out like that, especially at such a young age when you can’t really understand what’s going on. But some days are just hard…..Olivia is already such a sassy pants that some days her moodiness goes just a little overboard.

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do, except like I said keep her comfortable, and give her lots and lots of cold things.

Like Popsicles.

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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Olivia: One of my favorite things about being your mama is seeing some of me in you, and I see that right in this picture. It was really windy outside, and windy days are my absolute favorite, it was almost your bedtime and you were winding down with some milk. I said, “Olivia, come here! I wanna show you something!” And then we brought you outside. Your face instantly lit up and I wished that I would’ve grabbed my camera sooner, but you stood there, the wind blowing through your crazy beautiful hair and just smiled. I love you, my little babe.



*This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! #LetsTalkBums*

I consider myself a pretty conservative person, especially when it comes to certain not so “lady-like” topics…..such as what goes on in the bathroom. As a mom, I find this kind of ironic, especially because I am so open to talking about everything in regards to my daughter, or more so, parenting in general. Breastfeeding, potty training, throw up… easy to talk about when it’s someone else, but if it’s about me, count me out.

Which is why I almost declined the invitation to review this Clean and Care system by CottonelleAlmost. Then I said to myself, “We’re all adults here, we all go to the bathroom…. What’s the problem?!” There isn’t one! Especially after I was introduced to these bad boys:

photo 2 (2)

I am very particular about what I use for Olivia’s little bum, so why shouldn’t I be the same way when it comes to my husband and myself?! Cottonelle’s Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Clean Care Toilet Paper are exactly what the Galto household was missing.

While I am not the pickiest and kind of go for whatever is cheapest, Dominic is the opposite. He is so picky! I am happy to say that this fits both of our checklists because the rolls are not expensive and Dominic really loves the Clean Care Toilet Paper! Who am I kidding, he loves the wipes just as much. I do too! My favorite part is that it also fits Olivia’s needs as well. Most importantly, the wipes are alcohol free, which is perfect for her sensitive skin, and they also start to break up after flushing….Which is good for us because we still use wipes on her even though she’s potty trained! She’s big on flushing the toilet (for her and for everyone else) and sometimes we don’t get to her in time before she’s flushed her wipes down the toilet, but with The Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths, we don’t have to worry about that– they’re sewer and septic safe!

photo 3 (2)

Cottonelle’s Clean Care Toilet Paper goes hand in hand with The Cleansing Wipes, making for the cleanest of clean bums for all three of us! They’re two-ply (which is why I like them) and soft (which is why Dominic likes them!), so it’s a win/win. After you’ve used the two together, you seriously feel so fresh and so clean (and now you’ll have the Outkast song stuck in your head for the remainder of the day….you’re welcome ;)

photo 5 (2)

If you’d like to try them out (which you totally should!), you can click here for a $1.50 off coupon. If and when you do give them a go, I’d love to hear about it!

xo and clean bums,




Olivia and I decided to start a new Sunday afternoon tradition:

Watercolors and Coffee.

Olivia loves to paint, so I use it to my advantage and space out how often I actually let her do so. If I am certain that something is going to buy me any large length of time to get things done while she’s occupied with something else other than Netflix, you better believe I don’t pull that card out often. On Sunday, I had a huge pile of dishes in the sink, the floor needed to be swept badly, and I really wanted to clean our stove top.

Perfect time to pull out the “Olivia! Let’s paint!” Card.

Except I didn’t do the dishes, the floor, or even the stovetop. Instead, I turned on some music, made us some coffee, and sat across from my favorite girl while we both painted. I have been dying to open the watercolors that we got her for Easter!

Lately it seems we don’t get as much to spend just the two of us. My dad’s been around a lot lately, which I totally don’t mind, but he wasn’t here yesterday so I wanted to take advantage of the one on one time, just me and my daughter.

We painted for a really long time. We stopped for short dance breaks (today our soundtrack was The Naked and Famous Pandora Station), drank our coffee (she gets “chocolate coffee” aka chocolate almond milk or sometimes hot chocolate.), and had little conversations. We practiced our ABC’s (even though she is an absolute PRO), drew pictures of her favorite foods and I learned that her favorite color at the moment is Purple.

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